Our Story


The Ruffle & Rabbit Story

The Magic of Childhood the Way it Should Be

Parenthood sanctions us to weave webs of soundness, heartiness, love, and security for our little ones. I, being a mother of two beautiful and brilliant girls, strive to shower them with the warmth and tenderness of a mother’s touch, wherever they go, I choose the safe nest of a parent’s love in the form of a fabric.

Where it All Began

For me, Ruffle & Rabbit’s story truly began when I was bombarded by loud colors, tacky designs, and “popular” prints carried by almost every children's store. I thought back to my childhood, when my mother would dress me in timeless garments that are forever classic. Style like that doesn't exist anymore, and I wanted to give my girls better. I wanted to make sure that they have photos to look back on one day that show them dressed as the classic beauties they are. Kids will be kids, but being a child doesn’t have to be synonymous with wearing childish clothing.  

That’s when I dove into research to find the fabrics, designers, and manufacturers I needed to bring my vision to life – classic children’s clothing that reflects our rich heritage without losing the contemporary touch.

Why Ruffle & Rabbit? 

Fabulous Fabrics: Riffle & Rabbit’s timeless fabrics are soft to the touch and reminiscent of a lost era, from smooth velvet to sophisticated knitwear, cottons and corduroys for winter, and linens and cool silks for fun days under the summer sun. Durability and authentic craftsmanship is sewn into every hem and seam, keeping comfort and class at our core.


Elegance: We strive to empower trendy moms with an easy way to dress their bundles of joy in exquisite children’s clothing that never goes out of style. We produce and curate heirloom-quality garments for the most discerning of little clients that express their personality without compromising style.


Variety: From traditional smocked dresses to smart casual wear, premium wooly cardigans, and classic formal suits for little gentlemen, we curate and create more than children’s clothing. We craft priceless family treasures that will make your darlings choose hand-me-downs over new kid’s clothing every time.



Ruffle & Rabbit crafts ageless children’s wardrobe staples that you can proudly pass on through the generations. If you are ready to share the Ruffle & Rabbit spirit with us, shop our classic children’s clothing range now. There’s a reason why we’ve earned the respect of moms and dads nationwide. The little leaders of the next generation deserve the best, and together, we can make them proud. Your children deserve the best, and we are devoted in our efforts to give them the best.